The traditional photo booths with the curtains can be considered a thing of the past. Today, the photo booths are coming in various styles that have become quite popular and one of them is the open one.  So, let’s check out the reasons behind its popularity.

1. Group Photos Made Easy

Open booths are good for claustrophobic people since there is no enclosed space. Open photo booths are more spacious that allows more people to get their photos clicked. In the events, the guests can now take groupfies without facing hassles. Moreover, the addition of several props makes the photo session fun and entertaining.

2. Posing Without Awkwardness

Gone are the days when people felt awkward to pose in front of other people. In the open photo booths, the guests can see the photo sessions and they can get ideas of poses that others are making to make their photos look attractive.

The camera, lights, and props attract the guests to get their photos clicked as compared to the conventional photo booths with curtains.

Party Photo Booth

3. Easy Setup

The setup for a wedding photo booth hire in Sydney is very easy. Since the camera, tripod, backdrop, etc. are all portable; it does not take much time for setup. Moreover, the portability allows event managers to place the photo booth in their preferred locations. Also, since setting this up is easy, the backdrop can be changed easily as per the requirements of the guests and this flexibility make these open booths more popular.

4. New and Attractive

Many people are still not familiar with the open booths and to them, this style is something new. People who are not familiar with this style might get a bit overwhelmed at first but sooner or later they start to like it for the miscellaneous elements that they get to make the photo session a memorable one. These include superb backdrops, crazy props, customized lights, and even cool photo edit options.

5. Highly Customizable

An open air photo booth in Sydney is highly customizable as mentioned above. As an event manager, whenever you are hiring the photo booth, you can opt for a wide variety of backdrops and props to meet the requirements of the guests. Reputed companies will always provide several backdrops to set the mood. The open-air booth will also have masks, flowers, guitars, and anything and everything to make the photo session fun.

6. Natural Surroundings

The open photo booth is the best choice to flaunt the natural surroundings. If its daylight many guests might want to get their photos clicked with the natural surrounding as the backdrop.

Natural-looking photos are always memorable and this will be enticing for many guests in the event. For this reason, many people nowadays prefer their photos to be clicked on open photo booths only.

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