Photo booths have evolved over the years. Today in Sydney and various parts of Australia, we can find them following a variety of themes and design trends. In most of the events today, hired photo booths are used, but in some, DIY booths are used as well. But today we will discuss why investing in a hired photo booth is a better option compared to the DIY one.

Professional vs Self-Management

In a DIY i.e. do it yourself photo booth you will need to manage anything and everything because that’s what the term DIY implies!

You will need to set up the equipment, check if it’s working properly or not, fixing problems, making sure if everything is in place, etc. so that the guests do not face any problems in getting their photos clicked. However, as you have guessed already, you will need to take care of a lot of things which is time-consuming and stressful.

So, to avoid this, the easiest solution is to invest in a company providing the event photo booth hire in Sydney where you will not need to waste your time and energy on managing everything.Rather, the company will send professionals to set everything up. They will look after the equipment, troubleshoot problems, and make sure that the guests do not face problems in taking their photos.

This means with a hired photo booth you don’t need to allocate extra resources and you can devote your time to looking after other things in the event.

Photo Booth Hire Sydney

Plenty of Inclusions

Setting up the DIY photo booth is half the job done. You will now need the supplies such as props, printer, lighting, extra equipment for adding effects to the photos, etc. Now, if you plan to order them, you will need to spend a large amount of money. But, if you hire one, everything will be included in the package.

While going for hire, many companies will provide you the option to customise the extras. This gives you the added flexibility to save money.

High-Quality Photos

Whatever type of photo booth you are setting, it all comes down to the photo quality. As an event manager, you need to make sure that guests get high-quality photos at all times.

If you are setting up an open air photo booth in Sydney, you need to have the proper lighting. And if you are not experienced with it and wish to go with the DIY option, chances are, the photo quality will not be impressive. In fact, this is also applicable to closed photo booths. But at least in the latter type of booth, you do not need specialised lighting compared to the former.

Improper lighting can lead to underexposed or overexposed photos and you need to make sure that does not happen in the event as it can directly hit your reputation. So, a safer option is to invest in a hired booth where professionals will set up the lighting to ensure the guests get crisp photographs.

Cost-Saving Option

A rented photo booth can save your costs manifold as all the equipment, props, setting up, etc. is included in the package. Though the DIY may seem like a cheaper alternative, in reality, it can be a disaster if you do not have the necessary experience in managing it. You will need to invest your time and if something goes wrong with the equipment in the middle of the event, you might end up spending more to get everything sorted. Thus, renting a booth is always a better idea for an event.

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