People these days like to go out their ways – to start with. They love experimenting with things – they like to see things from different angles. And this reflects in every aspect of life. Things are no different when it comes to things like hiring photo booths in an event. More and more people are vouching for those open air photo booths, instead of the conventional box varieties – and that also not without reason! 

Better Photo Quality 

This is the primary reason for which people are opting for open air photo booths in Sydney. With no restriction of space, there is no jostling for the right position for being clicked either. With enough space for everyone to fit in, people can pose to their heart’s content while being shot. This ‘feel-good’ factor reflects on their body language as well, resulting in a much better-orchestrated photo session and superior photo quality. In fact, the comparative study that we have carried out shows that the photos clicked by our lensmen at open air photo booths are qualitatively much better than the ones shot at the traditional box photo booths. 

The More, it’s the Merrier 

Yes, when it comes to indulging in a photo session at a photo booth, the more is the number of people, it’s the merrier. In other words, when you have an appreciable number of people in the photo session, it adds a tinge of compactness to the mood and the aesthetics of the photo. That makes a difference. 

Innovation in Props

Photo Booth Props

This is another unambiguous advantage of hiring these open air booths. Our clients say that whenever they have the liberty of selecting themes of their preference by hiring open air booths, they also have the liberty of selecting innovative props of their choice tactically, so much so that the theme they have opted for, is well supported and backed up. Now, this makes a huge difference in the class and stature of gaiety and the merrymaking – something that falls short of perfection, when a box photo booth is hired. 

It Adds More Room for Innovation and Improvisation 

When you select an open air event photo booth in Sydney, the sky’s the limit as far as innovation and improvisation are concerned. With no restriction of dimension, you can drive your creative acumen to full throttle, and come up with eye-catching improvisation that uplifts the mood of the event by manifold. Indeed, this is one of the most important reasons, why people nowadays prefer the open-air avatars of these booths. 


Adoption of Technology 

These open air photo booths are great advocates of technology. With unlimited space, they not only come with high-quality printers but provisions of uploading the photos on various social media platforms. This is something that invitees at an event would simply fall flat for. 

Naturally, with all these value additions, open air photo booths that we come up with at YourScene, have gotten extremely popular these days and this popularity is rising with every passing day. Thus, to know in further details about these booths that we offer, call us at 0432 446 967 if you want to join the league of the gentlemen who are in love with these open air booths.