Before discussing the benefits of hashtag printers, let us at first know what a hashtag printer is. The functional premise of these printers is rather straightforward. They print out pictures, which are posted on social media platforms with a certain hashtag. These printers come either in the form of a dedicated Instagram hashtag printer, or a more complicated social media hashtag printer.

Now let us get to the point. Let us discuss the advantages of hiring a hashtag printer. It will throw light over the popularity of these printers. It will also explain why a number of our customers vouch for these printers while hiring photo booths from us at YourScene!

Hashtag Printer

It Augments the Fun and Frolics of the Event by Manifold 

A hashtag Instagram printer or photo booth can be effectively utilized as the principal focal point of your event. As most of your guests would love being photographed, they would also prefer viewing them instantly and see how they look on social media. Thus, when you hire a hashtag printer in Sydney for your event, it will surely add some added entertainment value to your event. An Instagram printer that will keep on printing images, based on what is posted on Instagram. It will augment the fun and frolics of the attendees in two very significant ways:

  • They provide us with an interesting interactive experience, which includes the generation of printout of images using social media platforms.
  • They come in handy to distribute souvenirs to guests, which act as mementos, helping your guest to remember the beautiful moments of the event.

Indeed, by hiring a hashtag Instagram photo booth or printer you will be able to amplify the effect and recall value of the event in the mind of your guests, by generating physical memoirs of a great time that had, during their stay in the event.

It Produces a Lot of User-generated Content (Ugc) 

User-generated content (UGC) is surely one of the most significant aspects of any event. However, getting your guest together for shooting UGC is not a very easy task. When you hire an Instagram Printer in Sydney it will create a huge incentive for your guests at the event, by providing the chance of clicking pictures and sharing them on social media. This is because these photo booths give your guests the incentive of clicking the pictures and sharing them on social media as the printouts are available instantly.

Besides, they have the provision of customising these pictures, which helps as bondage between the event and the attendees. Installing these Instagram hashtag printers will surely give a shot in the arm of the UGC, which is created during the event.

Instagram Printer

It Helps to Increase Social Media Traction

 The way these hashtag printers work helps your event to get immense traction on social media. Your guests would post their images on the social media platform. It is this, which creates that much needed social media traction. And with good planning, this can very well lead to a substantial hashtag trending of the event on social media.

Indeed, in today’s context, social media marketing is an extremely significant chapter, when we talk about promoting any event. Its impact on brand value and its promotion is immense. By using the hashtag printer, your engagement and reach to the market will be extended by manifolds with the strategic use of social media.

Thus, the spurt in the popularity of these hashtag Instagram printers or photo booths is truly justified and it explains why most of our customers look for these printers. To know further about these printers, and to hire call YourScene at 0432 446 967. We are available 24×7.

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