Trends change in every aspect of life!! Everything in this universe changes. In fact, except change, nothing in this universe is constant. Thus, our lifestyle changes with time and so do our choices. This is true in every aspect of our lives – major as well as minor, in aspects that have everything to do with the bare necessities as well as those that have only cosmetic consequences.

Let us take into account the issue of hiring photo booths at weddings! This has been age hold practice since time eternal, but in tune with the law change, the aesthetics and their look and feel, style, and the trends have changed over time. Thus, now that we are in the year 2021, we have come a long way since the early days of these photo booths! Hence, if you are to hire these booths today for your wedding, you must opt for the trendiest ones that will be in tune with the time!! This is where we make the difference at YourScene. We hire out some of the t trendiest wedding photo booths for our clients. Here on this page, we discuss 3 most contrasting of them for a better understanding.

Wedding Photo Booth

Classic Window 

This is going back to the basics In fact this is one of the most exhilarating backdrops that people of late are vouching for. This is all about a backdrop that replicates those old fashioned windows with those orientnal features that add up to their glamour. They may come up in classical style, or a neoclassical getup, or with those Gothic or the Victorian features or the ones with the traditional weather shields. However, the minimalist appeal that is associated with this particular trend highlights a tinge of simplicity and timelessness, which do all the good to the mood of a simple but classy wedding ceremony. Amongst all the trendy wedding photo booths hire in Sydney, this is the most adored one.

Styled Space 

Close to the heel of the classic window, comes the styled space trend. This is just the opposite of the classic window style. If that was the epitome of somberness, this advocates for gaiety and expressionism to the fullest!  It is all about a space where creativity galore, with touches of paints and colours, innovative props added strategically adding to the variety of the look and feel of the photo booth. It makes the booth all the more boisterous with colours and sizzling effects that act as a sharp contrast, rather than supporting the somewhat poignant look and feel that the previous one promotes.

Going High tech 

We can call it the middle man. It promotes neither that somber look nor does it add that to a ravishing look and feel that may at times look a bit out of place for a wedding ceremony!! This is all about promoting the technology that we live with. If you are inspired by the Boomerang feature of Instagram, you can opt for the animated looping videos that feature those funny characters, to add a fun element to your wedding.

Therefore you see, there is no dearth of options if you are looking to hire trendy photo booths in Sydney. What better name can you turn to, than YourScene? Call us on 0432 446 967 for further details.