One of the best ways to add more purpose and joy to a corporate event is by hiring a photo booth. However, while doing so, you need to be utterly careful. You must choose an appropriate booth that gels with the very purpose and mood of the party… and is pretty important. While corporate events are perfect occasions to showcase products and services and business promos, you can easily share the moments and create a domain of interaction with the guests by setting up a quality photo booth. Besides adding fun and frolics, the booths can also pair with the theme of the event, thereby making the event more eventful. However, in doing so, you must have to be careful.

Planning the Photo Booth Around the Event Space

Prior to renting the booth of your choice from a photo booth hire service provider in Sydney, you need to consider the layout of the room along with the orientation of the venue of the party.  If you are a first-timer, you need to ensure the booth fits well in the area that you have selected to set the booth up. If and when you come to us at YourScene, our experts will help you with ideas in this regard. When it comes to selecting the spot for setting up the booth, ensure there is space aplenty, so much so that even after the booth is installed, there is ample space for activities. If space is somewhat cozier, our experts will calculate the dimension of the space and suggest you a booth that fits in comfortably. No matter how big or small is the space, you must ensure it is well lit, for there is nothing more frustrating to see a fabulous backdrop of an innovative photo booth being ruined by nothing else but poor lighting.

Ascertaining the Purpose of Your Photo Booth

Once you are done with figuring out the layout, it’s time for brainstorming the theme of the event. Again, you need to take into account the ideas that are being planned at the event, while working on the theme and selecting the type of booth. For instance, if you are planning a product launch, you must make sure the structure and the getup of the photo booth are such that it helps in the launch and helps to showcase your brand in front of a large number of audience.

corporate event photobooth hire

Encouraging Interactions between the Audience and the Photo Booth

One of the most effective ways of making the most of your corporate photo booth hire in Sydney is setting up a seamless domain of connection between the invitees and the booth. This can be done by entertaining people with the help of customised accessories and props. Stuff like hats, mustaches, wigs, giant specs, and other props depending upon the theme of the event and your preferences can be picked up. You can also select those silly items to ease the tension of the event and imbibe some creativity. All these and other accessories go a long way in encouraging better images and some innovative ideas that will stir audience engagement.

Selecting an Affordable Booth

Once you have narrowed down the options in terms of placement, props and purposes, you need to ensure that the booth not only serves the purpose but also fits in your budget. Ensure that the package is inclusive of the accessories, as well as idle time. You must ensure that you do not have to pay separately for idle time when the booth is sitting idle.

Ensure that the Booth Is Not a Fish Out of Water

When you choose a booth for your corporate event, you need to ensure that it getup and the look & feel match seamlessly with the venue decorations and the theme. Ensure the booth gels with the colour scheme, mood, and purpose of the event.

Consider Asking a Few Questions to the Rental Company

Last but not the least, you must ask the rental company a few questions, once you have determined your budget, purpose and style of the booth. Do not forget to ask the company regarding…

  • Rates
  • The hiring packages
  • Overtime rates
  • Delivery and pickup option
  • Customisation

Thus you see, when you approach a photo booth rental service provider company in Sydney, you must take steps to get to the right company and hire the right booth that will serve your purpose. Get to us at YourScene, and you will get precisely what you have been looking for with the right clauses. For further details, call us at 0432 446 967. We are available 24 hours – Monday to Sunday.