Despite the growing popularity of open air photo booths, the old fashioned enclosed photo booths are still very much in the news…and will be so for days, or perhaps ages to come. Yes, it’s popularity has gone through a fair bit of ups and downs over the years, but it has survived the onslaught of the innovations that have come with the introduction of the new age open air photo booths. Now, what are the reasons behind this? Let us explore.


Well, many might pooh-pooh this aspect, but as per the experts, this is one of the most logical reasons why a considerable number of people still like these enclosed photo booths. There’s an old saying that tells old habits die hard. How right it is!! Indeed, people hate to give up their old habits altogether, though they would at times, love to accept the new innovations in every sphere of their lives. The same goes with photography and more so choosing a photo booth for that. While they may appreciate opting for a new age, innovative open air photo booth, they cannot give up their love for those good old enclosed booths either. On the contrary, they would love to revisit their memories and enjoy a photo session or two using those old fashioned enclosed photo booths. It’s a kind of nostalgia that drives them to opt for these conventional photo booths….still. That is perhaps the reason, why a fair number of people would opt to hire enclosed photo booths in Sydney from YourScene…even these days!

Enclosed Photo Booth Hire Sydney


Privacy is still a golden word to a certain sect of people. Well, thoughts of people have changed over the years, and the definition of the term ‘privacy’ has changed therewith. People have shed a lot of inhibitions and they are more into showing off their fun moments and their togetherness with their loved ones. Yet, there is a certain sect of people who still like to spend moments with their loved ones in private. For these people, these old fashioned photo booths are the best option. The enclosure all around and the curtain would set up the perfect ambience for these people as they pose in front of the lens with their dear ones, with no one around to watch. Indeed, when we speak about privacy, these enclosed photo booths are next to nothing.


Again, the lighting arrangements of these photo booths are somewhat predictable, despite all the innovations that might be incorporated. And it is this predictability that some people love, thus making these enclosed photo booths all the more popular. In most cases, these enclosed photo booths offer a soft lighting, thus making the photos look traditional but great. Be it monochrome or coloured, photos clicked in enclosed photo booths are always special assets to preserve.


Last but not the least, the compactness of these enclosed photo booths gives the photos a conventional dimension that makes a difference. Instead of innovative backgrounds, the photos get a retro look and feel with a compact background, which many people love.

Thus, if you are planning to hire cheap photo booths in Sydney, our old fashioned enclosed booths are the best choice. Call us at 0432 446 967 to get the best enclosed photo booth of your choice.