The inclusion of a photo booth in your event is indeed necessary as it adds the entertainment factor. However, since it is a corporate event, you will need to hire specific photo booths only that offers certain features. We will discuss them here so that if you are planning to hire one in Sydney, you will not face trouble in choosing the right one.

Now let’s take a look at the photo booth features that you should take a look at.

Open or the Enclosed One

When you approach the company providing corporate photo booths for hire in Sydney, you will get the option of an open or the enclosed photo booth. Now, depending on the guests, you will need to choose the one since both of these can make your event special.

The open photo booth is the recent trend where your guests can get the photos clicked in the open air, as the name goes. Here, the photo booth company can include all the technologies that you can find in the enclosed one. This type of photo booth is also great for group photos.

On the contrary, enclosed photo booths are traditional booths where your guests can enjoy clicking photos in private. So, if your guests like privacy, this is the photo booth to go for.

Photo Booth with Instagram Printer

This is a very popular technology in photo booths that are now provided by a few service providers and this will surely make the event special.

Here, your guests will need to upload a photo on Instagram with a hashtag, and the printer will create a physical copy of the photo on the spot. This will enhance the fun factor for sure. Therefore, if you want to include this type of booth in your corporate event, discuss with the company providing the cheap photo booth for hire in Sydney as this feature is high on demand and may not be available at all times.

Mobile Photographer

Your guests will be getting their photos clicked in the photo booth, there’s no doubt about that. But another great feature that the corporate photo booth providers are now offering is a mobile photographer.

Don’t confuse it with a person who will be capturing your photographs with a mobile phone. This is actually the person who roams and gets your photos clicked during the event. Thus, even if the photo booth is full, your guests will not have to wait for getting their photos clicked as the professional will click the photos and hand them over the prints instantly.

Inflatable Photo Booth

If you are looking for an event photo booth for hire in Sydney that will indeed add a fun element to your corporate party, you can invest in an inflatable booth.

These booths will be equipped with colourful LED lights on the outside. The light colours will change from time to time that will indeed make them enticing. On the inside, your guests can take their photos normally.

Customisable Props

Hiring a photo booth that includes customisable props will also make your corporate event special.

Though most photo booths include props, few include those that can be customised. However, this depends on the demand and availability. So, if you want a booth with special accessories like lighting boards and props that stand out, discuss your requirements with the providers.

Hire Best Photo Booths for Corporate Events

YourScene provides high-quality enclosed and open-air photo booths in Sydney at reasonable pricing. So, if you are planning to host a corporate event or a wedding, call us for booking and pricing.