In this era of the open air photo booths, the enclosed booths are still at the helm of popularity, much because of the fact that traditions, just like old habits, die hard. Thus, when it comes to setting up an enclosed photo booth, a lot is to be taken into account. Of them one very important aspect is selecting the right backdrop for the enclosed booth.

Here on this page, let us discuss the tips that you need to follow, so as to ensure that choosing the backdrop for your enclosed photo booth becomes much easier, when you hire a photo booth in Sydneymore so the enclosed one.

Taking the Type of Event into Consideration Is Important

This is the first and foremost step to take. You must take the purpose into consideration. See what the photo booth has been hired for. You just cannot choose a backdrop that fits into a corporate party for an enclosed photo booth that has been hired for a marriage anniversary party.  Thus, you need to take into account the genre of the event before you opt for the right background.

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Take the Dimension of the Booth

Remember, when you hire an enclosed photo booth in Sydney you have to deal with space constraints. Since it is not an open air photo booth you are dealing with, you must mind the space and the dimension of the booth. In other words, you must look for a backdrop with a texture and shade that fits in a confined place. For instance, when you look for a backdrop for an open air booth, you have the liberty to opt for more vibrant, dark shades. However, here, when you look for an enclosed photo booth backdrop, you must look for lighter, yet vibrant shades that will make the booth more spacious than it is.

Consider the Lighting

Remember, lighting plays an extremely crucial role in booth photography, and this is true in case of both the two types of photo booths – open and enclosed. However, when we talk about enclosed photo booths, the lighting has to have the right balance, so much so that the subjects do not get an overexposure. Now the backdrop has to be picked up accordingly when you hire a party photo booth in Sydney. It should be such that the subject is highlighted, and at the same time, the backdrop is not overwhelmed too much by the lighting or by the vibrancy of the subject. Hence, there has to be a perfect sync between the subject, the lighting setup and the backdrop. And the background must contribute to this synch as one arm of the trio.

It Must Support the Image and the Photographer

Snapping photos is difficult for enclosed photo booths. The blokes behind the lens have to be absolute experts, and must take the background and its look and feel before deciding on the exposure and the lights. Thus, you need to pick up the backdrop that will make snapping of photos trifle easier and less calculative.

That’s why, you need to opt for a quality photo booth hire company like us as this will help you get the best and the perfect backdrop. To get in touch with us at YourScene, dial 0432 446 967.