There is hardly anything as appealing and as happening as a photo booth in a wedding ceremony. In fact, no couple save for only a few these days like to get married without having any photo booth at their ceremony on the D-day. Thus, you see, these photo booths play a pivotal role in adding more fun and deity to the D-Day celebrations.

Now when it comes to deciding upon the concepts to be used for setting up these photo booths, they change with time. Likewise, with the change of year, these trends change. Come 2020 and we are going to see some drastic changes in the theme of these wedding photo booths hired in Sydney like the rest of the country.

The Classic Theme 

Who can forget the classic them? They have been here since time eternal and they still make a lot of difference in the mood that they set for the photo booths. This is a clear as well as compact concept, which keeps every aspect of the photobooth together.

Wedding Photo Booth Sydney

The Curtain Theme

Well, this is the good, old conservative curtain theme, which has made a comeback and is likely to rock the photo booth fraternity. As the name suggests, you are going to have these curtain booths, which will allow couples and the invitees to snap photos in private, if they want to be conservative while posing pictures, like those grand old days.

Props Hanging from Trees

This theme goes more when people hire open air photo booths in Sydney than anything other forms of booths.  As it is self-explanatory, this theme asks for innovative props to be hung from trees. With a fitting lighting arrangement, the props create a sensational ambience, which will make all the difference. Moreover, this will allow a number of possibilities for trying out various frames and backgrounds, allowing people to use them either simultaneously or one by one.

Booths with Stand up Board 

This is a well-accepted form of booth, which comes with a stand-up board that can be used as innovative as well as funny backdrops. They can bring in real fun and frolics to the family, friends and other invitees, creating some really unforgettable moments. They can be modified in the way you wish and you can set a theme that will meet your aesthetic preference.

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The Walls with Faux Frame

The ones that come with a faux frame wall provide an astounding backdrop for the images snapped in wedding photo booths. The wall can be interpreted in various ways, so much so that it can actually be designed to transform it in the way you wish. One good way is to set it up in the same theme as the one that you decide for the entire wedding ceremony.

Booths with Polaroid Frames 

People love Polaroid frames. They have loved them…always! Hence, incorporating them as photobooth backdrops will be a fantastic idea and that is why this particular theme is getting more and more popular with the turn of this New Year.

Thus, you see, there are so many new ideas that are incorporated this year for the wedding photo booth fraternity. In fact, this is the reason, you need to turn to quality companies for hiring wedding photo booths. These companies will be well conversant with the latest trends in the wedding photo booth industry. What better name can you opt for, than YourScene? We are one of the most trustworthy names when it comes to hiring out wedding photo booths. For further details, call us at 0432 446 967.  We are open 24 x7.