If you are looking for a photo booth for your wedding, there is no better option you can opt for than the open-air photo booths. Now, hiring one is not enough!! You need to opt for the right theme, which will justify your selection. That is why, when it comes to hiring these booths, you need to opt for a company that will offer you a plethora of theme options to choose from. What better company can you opt for, than YourScene? Indeed, with substantial experience, we are of the best, in terms of quality of booths offered and the choice of themes.

Wedding Phooto Booth

The Classic Style 

Well, a majority of the classic style comes in rather simple, yet blatant forms, which create a tinge of timelessness to the ambience, helping the clicks to wear an orthodox, everlasting look and feel.  To be frank, wedding photos are not like those click ‘n forget images.

These photos basically freeze the most exhilarating moments of the most important occasion of the couple’s lives and hence deserve to be cherished forever. This classic style offered by the companies that hire out wedding photo booths in Sydney comes with a string of appropriate props and is considered the best choices that take the theme of weddings to an altogether new height.

The Contemporary Airstream Theme  

If the classic style was to provide the orthodox look and feel to your wedding photos in terms of style and themes, this is a theme that will add one of the most contemporary and innovative ways of clicking wedding photos. The innovative shape of the booth, which in most cases come in the form of a wheeled vehicle with some out of this world shape, reminds you of a tiny astronomers capsule of those modern named spacecraft. Backed by appropriate decorative props, this a dream theme for the modern wedding photo booths.

Faux Framed Walls

This is another extremely innovative photo booth theme that the couples look forward to, to use in their wedding. They may come in the form of a section of a model wall, with either floral decoration and painted in floral pattern with a mirror and a frame on it to add a fairytale-like ambience, or brickwork that will lend a rustic look and feel.

Handing Props from Overhead   

Well, this is one of the most simplistic, yet one of the most fascinating ideas that couples looking to hire open photo booths in Sydney prefer. Firstly, this ultra-modern style comes with a more fascinating and abstract appeal, and secondly, it is so simple to set up. Just a few innovative props hung from a tree or a metal framing set up overhead, a couple of props in the form of a photo and windows frame and a simple banner in the form of a blackboard with some brainy wedding quotes written on it with chalk…and the theme is complete. It adds a tinge of theatrical presentation that makes the photo sessions not only thoughtful but classy that underlines a sense of finesse and aristocracy.

So you see, these are the 4 major genres of open-air wedding photo booth ideas that today’s couples can opt for. Now the variety or uniqueness that can be added will depend entirely on the individual choice and of course on the acumen of the booth hiring company in question.

That is the reason, it is best to hire a reputed company like YourScene for the best results. For further details, call us at 0432 446 967.