Are you planning to host a party and looking forward to hiring an open-air photo booth for that? Well, that’s a great idea and it will pay off astoundingly, provided you do not commit the following mistakes. Remember, hiring a quality photo booth from a reputed company is indeed important, but it’s equally crucial not to commit certain mistakes, that will deter you from making the most out of your investment. That’s why, when you tend to hire an open-air photo booth in Sydney from YourScene, our experts would make you aware of the following mistakes.

Wrong Timing

Photo booths are generally hired for a limited time period….say for 4 hours or so. This is to make the fullest use of this short period. However, people would commit the mistake of hiring them for the wrong time. They would book them for a slot that clashes with some other highly engaging activity. When this happens, the photo booth fails to attract the audience, rendering the photo booth practically useless. This would fail to justify your investment.

Not Selecting the Proper Position

If your party venue does not have an ideal space for the installation of the photo booth, that does not mean you have to install it at an inappropriate place. If you compromise with the lack of ideal space by setting the booth at a wrong place, that is a humongous error. It will leave the booth unseen and therefore, largely unattended, save for a few extra-curious ones. This again will fail to serve the purpose of your investment. The ideal move for you will be to come up with some innovation and carve out a proper place for the installation.

open air party photobooth in Sydney

Another very common mistake that people make is that they install the booths away from the high traffic areas. This is again, a mistake, as your guests in the party might not have that extra zeal to do the hard work of walking up the booth that is away from the main activity area.

Not Adding the Provision of Guest Book

Be it a party or a wedding, combining a guest book with your photo booth is always imperative. You need to have a presentable guest book with a lot of messages and images, and for that, you need to hire a photo booth that comes with an attendant. This is where we at YourScene score over many of our competitors, with our photo booths accompanied by an attendant.

Not Paying Heed to the Theme of the Party

This is an elementary point that you need to keep in mind. Not doing so is a blunder….not a mere mistake. The party photo booth in Sydney or in any other place that you hire for your event must gel with the theme of your party. It must either back the theme of the party or be as a stark contrast, highlighting the look and feel of the ambience like nothing else. Otherwise, the booth will look like a fish out of the water.

Thus you see, if you are to make the fullest out of the photo booth that you hire from us at YourScene, you need to be aware of these mistakes. Worry not. Once you get in touch with us, expressing your interest in our photobooth, you will be guided by our experts in this regard. You can also call us on 0432 446 967 for further details.