In the previous write up we discussed the reasons behind the continuing popularity of enclosed photo booths in this era of innovative open-air varieties. In this write-up, we take a leaf out of that blog and discuss the ideal lighting arrangement you need to look for while setting up an enclosed photo booth.

Remember, when it comes to setting up a photo booth, more so an enclosed one, the lighting has to be perfect. Only a perfect lighting setup, which is in sync with the getup and dimension of the booth, can gel with the theme. Only then it can create the ambiance you are looking for. That is the reason we at YourScene will put immense emphasis on the lighting part when you hire a photo booth in Sydney from us that is enclosed!

The Distance and the Direction

The distance and the direction of the light make a H-U-G-E difference in an enclosed photo booth. The ideal placement of the light should be just behind the camera, or just above it. Then again, while setting up the light, the distance has to be accurate. A light that is set up too high will cast shadows under the eyes and on the lower end of the face of the subject. This becomes all the more apparent if the subject has a cap or any prop on. Again, if the height is too less, or below the level of the camera lens, the shadows will fall off the wrong way as a result of a phenomenon called uplighting. Hence, the height of the camera has to be perfect.

Now let us come to the distance aspect. You must calculate the right distance at which you need to set up the light from the backdrop. It is extremely important to create consistency in the lighting. In other words, the exposure has to be such that it does not change even when the subject is directly facing the camera or against the background. The ideal distance between the backdrop and the camera & light has to be 5 to 6 feet in an enclosed photo booth. When you hire an enclosed photo booth in Sydney from us, our technician will take into account all these technicalities to set up the lighting and the camera for the booth.

The Aspect of Brightness

This is another important aspect of enclosed photo booth lighting that you need to take into account.  The lights you set up for your booth have to be bright and powerful enough to highlight the details of the ambiance and the subject who is being clicked. Then again, you must not overwork on it, as too much brightness will result in blurring of the details.

Enclosed Photo Booth Hire Sydney

Determining the Area of Influence

You must pick up a spot that is out of the range of any strong, directional light. For instance, you must find an area that does not get a strong downlight or spotlight. Remember spotlights and downlights are harsh enough to create unflattering shadows, which turn photos ugly and undemanding. When it comes to setting up the lighting of an enclosed photo booth, it is an extremely important point to take into account.

Adding a Flashlight

Adding a flashlight is indeed an innovative multiplication. It will help you overpower natural light. Thus, you do not have to depend upon the lighting set up of the venue or the natural light (if you tend to set the booth outdoors). It will also eliminate unwanted shadows, helping you to make the most of your investment to hire a cheap box photo booth in Sydney for your event.

Filling the Area with Enough Light

In case you have decided not to use the flashlight, you need to fill the entire area with light evenly. However, do not make it harsh. Ensure that the lighting is soft. To achieve this, you can make the light bounce off the nearby walls or the ceiling. Using an umbrella is also a great way of creating bounce lights.

Thus you see, when things come down to setting up a box photo booth, you must take all these lighting aspects into account to ensure it serves your purpose to the fullest. This is one of the reasons you must hire the booth from a reputed and experienced photo booth hire company in Sydney. What better name can you opt for, than YourScene? Whenever we hire out a photo booth, it is accompanied by a technician who will look after all these issues to set up perfect lighting and ambiance. To get in touch with us, dial 0432 446 967. We are available 24×7.