Today, you will notice photo booths in most of the corporate events. The reason behind this is that corporate event managers have realised that entertainment should not be limited to casual events only. However, if you are an event manager in Sydney and wondering what features should be there in a photo booth, the points that we have mentioned here will help.

A Nice Background

Since it’s a corporate party, it’s better to keep the backdrop simple but elegant. This is something that you can expect in the photo booth that you want to include in the event. However, the company providing the corporate photo booth for hire in Sydney might not know what you require. So, before hiring, ask about the type of backdrops that they include and whether you have the option to choose. If yes, you can select the type of backdrop in the photo booth.

A Well-Built Photo Booth

Considering the fact that you want to include an enclosed photo booth in the corporate event, you can expect a sturdy station that will house the camera and the associated technologies.

People like to get their photos clicked. So, there might be a bit of a rush. However, a well-assembled booth will be able to withstand the crowd and light impacts on its outer or inner areas. But if this is still a cause of concern, talk to the photo booth provider about this topic before hiring.

Classy Props

The props that you find in a birthday party photo booth will differ from that of a booth in a corporate party.

In the latter, classy props are generally included that makes the photos look attractive.

Some of these include coffee mugs with peppy lines on them, classic hats, satchel bags, etc. However, some companies providing event photo booths for hire in Sydney also give you the option of choosing what props to include or even customising them as per your needs.

However, this varies from provider to provider.

Instant Photo Printer

This is something that is very basic and usually can be found at all types of photo booths. Moreover, this is something that you can expect when you include the same. But still, you should talk to the providers and make sure that they offer this feature because at present, in this digital age, many providers only include the digital photo option. That means your guests will only get their photos in a digital medium.

The advantage of this feature is that these photos are social media friendly and can be readily uploaded. However, many of your guests might want traditional prints too. So, you should try to include this in the booth.

Roaming Photographer

Only the best companies providing Sydney corporate event photo booths for hire offer this feature. But if you are indeed investing in a good provider, you can expect a mobile photographer who would be clicking the photos of your guests on request and providing them with the prints instantly.

Photo Booth Supervisor

Reputed corporate photo booth companies assign a supervisor to look after the station as well as assist the guests in the event to get their photos clicked in a hassle-free manner. So, this is also something that you can expect.

Generally, as mentioned already, well-known photo booth companies offer all of these features. However, since they can vary from provider to provider, you should ask them about what you can expect from the service.

High-Quality Corporate Photo Booths at Reasonable Price

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