Photo booths have come a long way and underwent significant upgrades over the past few years. It is now considered as one of the incredible ways to capture moments for any event-be it wedding, corporate events, birthday parties, graduation parties or reunions. Now the question arises which particular style of photo booth you will put money upon? Well, the market is flooded with a bunch of options, but depending upon your budget and other customised requirements, you need to make a choice that suits you best.

Nowadays, open-air and closed photo booths are in huge demand. Although both the styles are exclusive in its own way, here’s a detailed comparison between the two for your benefit.

“Enclosed photo booths” have a more traditional and classy outlook and incorporate features that most people are quite familiar with.

Enclosed Photo Booth Hire Sydney

An Appealing Touch:- An enclosed photo booth is unique, spacious and has a touch of luxe in it. Usually, most closed booths have a cramped and tight space that can accommodate up to 3 people, but reputed companies offering enclosed photo booth hire in Sydney provides booths having 4 walls which allow to fit small groups, large gatherings and also allows you to experiment with backdrops.

More Compact:- If you have space limitations but want something unique within your limited area, closed photo booth is an ideal choice. Whereas open-air photo booths require significantly larger space, closed photo booth incorporates a selfie station that can accommodate a maximum of 5 people and can suit your tailored needs. From background camera, lighting and posing space, this is an absolute space-saving and cheap photo booth hire in Sydney you can go for.

Going Cozy & Private: People who love to enjoy in private or feel shy to gel up with unknown people in public gatherings; closed photo booth is an ideal choice. It encourages them to take pictures and try out various poses in private, which otherwise, they won’t feel comfortable in an open-air photo booth. Moreover, it adds a sense of VIP feeling to it.

“Open Air Photo booth”, on the other hand, is an incredible option for people who don’t have space restrictions. In simple terms, it helps your guests enjoy the open air with no enclosures around.

Open Photo Booth

Because they have a different outlook altogether, you might have the misconception that open-air booth wouldn’t serve your purpose.

Here are some facts laid out below.

Ease of Installation:- Because of their smaller footprint, an open-air photo booth can easily accommodate in any space, unlike traditional booths. The openness of the booth allows guests to witness every action happening at the event and draw a huge crowd. Also, it allows people to move around freely without any enclosure.

Modern and Attractive:- Open-air photo booth is the ‘in’ thing in this modern era and can complement every occasion type. It features an open backdrop with a kiosk having a dedicated camera and screen that allow guests take incredible snaps. An open style of photo booth in your event is a great addition, especially if you have a large number of attendees and allow guests to form in groups and offer amazing keepsakes which they can cherish for a lifetime.

So what’s your take? Do consider the type of your event and number of guests and pick one that suits your needs the best possible way. At YourScene, we have been fulfilling the demands of thousands of clients by offering an extensive range of enclosed photo booth for hire in Sydney. Give us a call and discuss your requirements! We will get back to you with a suitable quote! HURRY!