A wedding photo booth should have some nice props to make the photos of the guests look attractive. There are a variety of props that you can use in the wedding photo booth but today we will be discussing the popular ones that are used mostly in Sydney.

  • The Plain Frame

This is the simplest prop that you can find in a photo booth hire in Sydney. These empty frames can be of various colours with alluring patterns that just adds fun to the photo session. They can be found in square shapes or even rectangular ones or even in abstract shapes. Though these frames are simple, they make the photos look classy and these frames can be decorated with flowers or make them look more attractive.

  • Classic Items

If you like classic items, you can get some gramophones, books, typewriters, or small decorative figurines as props. Though the wedding photos will look traditional, they will always remind you of the grand occasion.

  • Quirky Sunglasses

If you search with the term ‘wedding photo booth near me’, you will find a list of photo booth companies and when you visit each website you will find people wearing sunglasses with huge frames. Yes, these quirky sunglasses are a good addition to the props set of a wedding photo booth.

Just like the frames, they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and you can combine them with some of the other common props such as hats, moustaches, balloons, lips, etc.

Photo Bbooth Props

  • Customised Furniture

These can be seen mostly in open wedding photo booths as customised furniture can take a bit of space.

This is a modern style of making the photos look good. Props made with customised furniture are now being used in many wedding events.

Some of the design ideas for customised props include colourful banners with texts, banners with lighting, banners decorated with flowers and other items, etc.

  • Props Made with Mirrors 

Unique designs can be created by adding mirrors and props that comprise mirrors are provided by renowned photo booth rentals in Sydney.

People like to pose with these props because the designs are totally offbeat, yet attractive and they can be used in both open and in conventional photo booths.

  • Floral Props

From simplistic to the most complex, a wide range of props can be created with flowers. In fact, anything can be decorated with flowers. So, if you want colourful props for your wedding photo booths, these floral props are a must.

  • Using Initials as Props

This one can be used specifically for the bridegroom and the wife. These props can be made with plain papers or other items and then decorated with flowers or golden wrapping papers. A photo of the couple holding their initials as props might be simplistic, but elegant.

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