You will find a number of photo booth companies around you and each one of them will claim to be the best in the business. While it may leave you elated with so many options to choose from, in the hindsight it may leave you confused as well. You may very well feel flabbergasted with suddenly so many options around. Thus, in order to streamline your search, you must put forward a few questions to these companies. The answer you get to these questions will help you to narrow down your search for a quality company that hires our photo booths.

Do you hire our enclosed or open-air booths?

This is the first question that you need to ask. Generally speaking, there are two types of photo booths out there in the market – enclosed and open-air photo booths. Thus, your first question is to ask whether the company you are eyeing on hires out enclosed photo booth in Sydney or hire the open-air variety instead.

What types of photos do your photo booths generate?

Photo booths these days come up with a string of value additions. You get the liberty of selecting your favourite background, thanks to the green screen technology, the GIFs, the videos, the slo-mos, the Boomerangs, and the likes. Ask them about the value addition the company is capable of giving and that will decide the type of photos the booth will generate.

Will the booth be Wi-Fi enabled?

If you want to give your guests the facility of instantly texting, emailing, and accessing social media sites to upload their photos, all you need is a photo booth that is Wi-Fi enabled.  But there’s a catch that you must take note of. Even if you have a photo booth that is Wi-Fi enabled, see if the venue has provisions of wi-fi.

Enclosed Photo Booth

What kind of printer, lights, and cameras will you use at the booth?

Ask them the type of cameras, lights, and printers they use. Remember, all these will collectively determine the class of photos that they will snap for your guests at the event. Ensure that, all said and done, with the help of all these components they come up with a perfect ambience that will help to shape perfect images.

Ensure that upon demand, they can provide DSLR cameras, Dye sublimation printers, which are faster and which generate dry to touch prints and strobe lighting, with model lights. The strobe light will overpower the ambient light, freeze the actions, and will generate the best colour with a proper angle and setting of the camera.

Do you provide an attendant with the booth and if yes, how many?

This is another extremely pertinent question that you need to ask before you put stakes on a photo booth hire company in Sydney. Generally, reputed companies would accompany one or two technicians with their photo booths who will control the crowd, manage the props, troubleshoot if needed, and even fix the lights. Many companies would provide trained operators who would, besides all these, take photos, generate printouts for your guests.

Are the props included in the package or will you have to hire them separately?

While some of the companies will provide props including them with the package, there are some, those who would bill the props separately. Therefore, you need to ask them in detail, clearing this issue so that there is no scope of any ambiguity subsequently.

Are you going to charge for the idle time?

This is another area that you need to clear up. Not every time the guests will express their desire to be snapped. It is not that there will be a relentless wave of guests in the photo booth. They will come in patches. So ask them, whether they will bill you for the time when they are sitting idle?

Are you insured?

This is another very pertinent question that you state whether you will be spared of financial burdens or not in case of any untoward incident.

Have you attended this type of party before?

Lastly, take note of the type of party you are hosting and ask whether they have any experience to serve in this type of gathering or not.

Even when you hire YourScene, you need to ask these questions. Call us on 0432 446 967. We are available 24×7.