Are you flabbergasted to discover so many companies hiring out photo booths? Fret not! Keep your cool and resort to rationality. Chalk out a few questions that you need to ask these companies. The answer you get to these questions will determine whether you can put stakes on a photo booth hire company or not.

Are they Licenced and Insured?

This is the first question that you need to ask. Make sure the company answers in affirmative. When you have put stakes on an insured company, it assures that the company is genuine.  The fact it is licenced will also speak for its genuinity.

What Types of Photo Booths do They Offer?

There are several types of photo booths available in the market today.  From the traditional box photo booths to the open air and those high tech mirror photo booths. Ask what type of booth the party photo booth hire company in Sydney that you have eyed on, offers, and whether that fits in your plans and themes.

Photo Booth

Ask What is Included in the Package? 

Ask what the package includes? See if the package includes idle time, the presence of a trained technician, the props & accessories like lighting, backdrops and the decors, shipping cost, the charge of assembling and disassembling, and print out costs of the images clicked. This will help you to ascertain the budget.

What Features and Value Additions Does the Company Offer?

Ask what value additions does the company offer. Photo booths these days offer digital prints of different sizes, options of sharing the images on social media, video messaging, and the likes. Ask whether the company comes with these value additions.

What Will be the Qualities of the Photos? 

Ask whether the company has the infrastructure of offering digital printout in both matte and gloss forms to meet the aesthetic preferences of your guests. Also, ask whether they will generate multiple copies upon request and whether they will levy any additional charge.

Ask Ithe Set up Will Fit in the Theme You Set In? 

This is another very pertinent question you need to ask. You need to know clearly whether the photo booth they will deliver can gel with the theme of things you have set for the occasion.

Will They Offer an Attendant with The Booth?

Ask whether you will have to do things yourself or you the company will provide you with an attendant.

How Many Prints and Photo Sessions will Guests be Entitled to? 

In most of the cases, there is a stipulated number of printouts and the photo sessions fixed for every guest. Get informed about that number so that you can make arrangements accordingly.

Will They be Able to Accommodate the Photo Booth in Your Venue?

Ask them whether the booth they provide will fit in your venue? Be clear about it or it can be a major problem later on.

What are the Reviews About the Company?

Last but not the least, you need to gauge the reputation of the cheap photo booth hire in  Sydney that you are eyeing on. Ask them whether they can provide reviews of the previous customers so that you can get a first-hand notion about the quality of their service.

So that’s it. When you opt for a photo booth company, do not forget to ask these 10  basic questions. We pride to state that you will get more than satisfactory answers to all these questions once you put money on us at YourScene. For further details, call us at 0432 446 967.