If you are hosting an event in Sydney and want to add a photo booth, you can find many service providers. However, all of them will follow certain installation procedures which we will discuss today. This will help you to choose the location too since it is considered a prerequisite especially if you are planning to add an open-air photo booth.

Inspecting the Event Location

Before installing the event photo booth in Sydney, scouting the event location is extremely important for several reasons.

Firstly, they give the technicians a general idea of the place and secondly, by taking the measurements, they can determine whether an open-air photo booth will at all fit. Besides, it gives them an idea of the items that will be required to set up the booth.

Checking the Availability of the Power Sources

To power up the photo booth in the event location, one or more power outlets will be required. So, in the inspection process, the technicians will check for that as well. So, if you are planning to host an event and want to include an open-air photo booth, make sure that the location has several power outlets to power up the same.

Installing the Backdrop and Other Equipment

After the inspection, the technicians will install the backdrop and the other equipment. However, if you have chosen a customised backdrop or a theme, they will assemble it there and hang it properly. After that, the professionals from the company providing the open-air photo booth for hire in Sydney will step by step set up the camera, printer and other devices required for the photo booth to work seamlessly.

Testing the Installed Devices

After installing the devices, the technicians will test them one by one to ensure flawless performance.

This is a time-taking process especially if modern technologies are included in the package such as social media-ready photos, instant printouts, etc. Anyway, if everything turns out to be fine, the technicians will add the props.

Adding the Props

There is nothing special here. Assuming you have hired an open-air photo booth, the technicians will just keep the props on a table or something similar. However, if you have ordered customised props that are quite big or for certain guests, they might keep them in a different location or you can guide them about the storage place.

Installing the Lights

The technicians from the company providing the photo booth for hire in Sydney will install lights on the photo booth.

Even if it’s an open-air photo booth, installation of lights will be required since the lights already present at the event location might not be enough to make the photo booth look attractive. Moreover, low lighting might not produce crisp photos.

Decorative Elements

Finally, the technicians will install decorative items beside the backdrop or on the sides to accentuate the theme and complete the installation.

So, now that you know how technicians install photo booths, if you have queries related to the same, note them down and ask the company before you hire their service.

Best Photo Booths for Hire

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